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Bathroom Safety Features Jasper

At Messmer, We Practice Safe Plumbing
And Nowhere is that More Important than In Your Bathroom.

Most people think of their bathroom as a source of comfort, convenience…perhaps even luxury.

As it should be.Description:

But your bathroom is also a place where accidents can and frequently do happen…and some of a very serious nature.

According to a study conducted by the U.S. Center of Disease Control:

  • Overall, mishaps near the bathtub, shower, toilet, and sink caused an estimated 234,094 nonfatal injuries in the U.S. in 2008 among people at least 15 years old.
  • The majority of bathroom accidents involve women.
  • Most injuries happen in or around the tub or shower, followed by injuries sustained on or near the toilet.
  • The number of injuries increases with age, especially for injuries occurring on or near the toilet.

At Messmer Mechanical, we have the experience and
commitment to turn your bathroom into a safe haven for every member of your family…with special attention paid to children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities.

Here’s How We can Bring Added Safety and Convenience into Your Bathroom.Description:

Grab Bars

Grab bars are specially constructed bars usually made of stainless steel that are mounted on the wall for those unsteady on their feet. The bars can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. They should be professionally installed so that they will not pull out of the mounting when grasped. While towel racks are available in most bathrooms, they are not a substitute for safety bars. They are not built to support a person's weight and can come free from the wall if used as a grab bar.

Hand-Held ShowerheadDescription:

A hand-held showerhead is practical for children and seniors using a shower chair or bench seat. It helps to prevent incidents while reaching to move the nozzle or leaning over to feel the stream of water. It makes showering or bathing possible for those who have mobility and balance problems and would likely require a sponge bath in bed instead.

Walk-In Bath Tub

These special tubs provide easier access for the elderly, disabled, or anyone with an injury or ailment disallow them to enter and step out of the bathtub without difficulties.
These tubs are usually equipped with non-slip surfaces,
very secure doors, and benches. Description: What is a walk in tub?


Comfort Height Toilet

A Comfort Height Toilet has a higher seat than regular toilets.  While most toilet seats are 14” – 16” off the floor, comfort height toilets have seats that are 19” high, making it much easier for disabled persons or anyone else to comfortably and safely sit down on and stand back up again.

Here are More Bathroom Safety Features to Like and
Obtain from Messmer:

  • Anti-scald faucets
  • Hand-held shower wand
  • Right or left hand doors
  • Single lever faucet handles…easy for small hands to use.
  • Doors & enclosures made from safety glass
  • Floating sinks
  • Vanities with rounded edges

Contact the bathroom safety experts at Messmer today for answers to all your questions, and solutions to all your needs.  We look forward to your call.

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