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The Advantages of a Home Water Softener »

Hot water conditions plague many homes and homeowners throughout Southern Indiana – perhaps even you. They’re problems that can easily be solved, but not before identifying the clear warning signs that you have hard water flowing throughout your home. Here are several of the most common:    White scale deposits inside pipes and faucets that can […]

“How do I Know if My Water is Contaminated? »

Given the increased awareness of environmental and chemical pollution, how can you be certain that your family’s drinking water is safe? And how do you know if you should invest in a kitchen or whole house water filtration system? Here are a few suggestions to help guide your decision. How safe is tap water? The […]

Bottled vs. Tap Water in Santa Claus and Petersburg »

Is your main or spare refrigerator chock-a-block with bottled water? Welcome to the club. But one you might want to consider resigning, at least after you finish reading this blog. If you buy and stock bottled water in case of a power outage, that’s one thing. But if you buy and drink it at home […]

Lead Poisoning Prevention in Jasper & Dale »

Lead poisoning is one of the most frustrating health problems in the U.S. and abroad, and for one primary reason:  it is 100% preventable. Lead poisoning is not genetic or hereditary.  It’s not a virus or bacteria.  It has to be physically ingested to be contracted.  Unfortunately, that’s still far too easy to do despite […]