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How to Benefit from Castile Soap »

Whether you’re looking for a more natural way to get your home clean, or just hoping to save some money on household cleaning products, we’ve got a secret weapon that can help you do both. Okay, it’s not really much of a secret. In fact, Castile soap has been around for centuries…who knows, you may […]

Healthy Tips to Prevent Colds & Flus »

Keeping your family healthy during cold and flu season is no easy task. Research shows that the average person will catch 2 to 4 colds this winter, and thousands are expected to be hospitalized for influenza-like illnesses. When you factor in that a typical flu season can last well into March, there’s more than a […]

Summer Home Improvement Projects »

The dog-days of summer are in full swing and that means it’s time for afternoons by the pool, dining under the stars, and catching up on your home improvement project to do list. That’s right, these all-too-brief warm weather months are the perfect time to tackle some outdoor projects that call for a well-ventilated work […]

Looking to Buy an Old House or Fixer-Upper? Talk to Us First. »

When it comes to buying an old house or one in dire need of repair, there are pretty much just two kinds: real bargains or money pits.  The question is, how can you tell the difference before laying down you cash? When it comes to the home’s plumbing, heating and cooling systems, and water quality, […]

Creative and Affordable Ways to Clean Your Car »

You could spend all day searching for just the right car cleaning products.  But who has all day for something like that?  Instead, spend just a few minutes now reading this blog and you’re likely to find you already have several outstanding – yet unexpected – car cleaning solutions in your possession. Vodka: This classic […]

How to Chase those Winter Blues Away »

The dark of winter can make people feel tired, sluggish, depressed, moody, and even hungrier than usual. The good news is that waiting for spring isn’t your only option.  Instead, here are several proven effective ways to brighten your mood until added daylight and warmth combine to do it for you:   Light: Once we […]

5 Natural Cures for Insomnia »

In a perfect world, your daily life is all the preparation you need for a good night’s sleep.  You work hard, play hard, watch a little TV, spend time with the kids, pay the bills, clear the sink of dishes – who wouldn’t be tired after all that? Well, how about someone with insomnia?  Maybe […]

Creative Uses for Ordinary Household Items »

Household maintenance is necessary for every homeowner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work more efficiently and save some time along the way.  In fact, you can do precisely that with assistance coming from some pretty unlikely sources. Let’s have a look: Chalk Anywhere in the house you have excess moisture – such as musty […]

How to Prevent Home Damage This Winter »

The cold winter months can turn simple, everyday tasks into an up-hill battle. Freezing temps, snow squalls, icy roads – and that’s just your morning commute! But the snow, ice, and blistery winds aren’t just hard on us – they can do a number on your home, too. And yet with a little time, planning, […]

How to Prevent Frostbite »

Keeping you and your family warm isn’t so difficult indoors, but when it’s time to go outdoors this winter for any length of time, extra care should be taken to help prevent frostbite. Feeling cold is the earliest stage, but then the affected area can heat up and later become too numb for you to […]