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How to Prevent Home Heat Loss »

When you open your utility bills during the winter, do you break out in a cold sweat?  Wish you lived further south?  Think about getting a second job? Well, you can put those concerns at least partially aside by doing a little detective work or, if you feel so inclined, hiring a professional to do […]

What’s Better, a Furnace or a Boiler? »

Most people don’t even know they have that option: furnace vs. boiler. In fact, the majority of our customers along with home owners across the country believe their home is heated by a furnace, period. So before we tackle the “what’s better” question, let’s set the record straight on makes a furnace a furnace, and […]

5 Benefits of Heating System Preventative Maintenance »

People here in Southern Indiana react in all sorts of ways when the time comes to turn on their heating systems for the first time after summer has pretty much exited the premises. But perhaps the most common reaction goes something like this: “Hey, it’s cold in here, I’m turning on the heat!” And nobody […]

Heating & Cooling Companies in Huntingburg and Huntington »

In the heat or chill of the moment, many home owners are inclined to search for a home heating company if their furnace is faltering, or an air conditioning company if their AC system can’t provide adequate levels of indoor comfort. Our advice? No matter what the home heating or cooling need, always search for […]

Common Winter Time Problems in Huntingburg and Huntington »

In a perfect world, winter would be filled with nothing but hot chocolate, sledding, skiing, and golden rays of sun bouncing off a powdery white dusting of snow. In the real world, it’s often filled with freezing temps, icy roads, and ill-timed snow days that send parents everywhere into a panic. Not to mention the […]

Furnace Replacement in Orange & Perry Counties »

You know what you don’t see a lot of in Southern Indiana? Furnace showrooms. And you know why? Because they’re very complex mechanical and electrical systems that require a trained professional to assist you in the process. And even if you are savvy enough to figure out what’s what, and compare one system to another, […]

Space Heater Safety in Jasper & Dubois »

Did you know that 50% of all home heating fires occur between December and February? Not only that, but half of them are caused by space heaters, resulting in over 350 deaths and 1,020 injuries each year. That doesn’t mean that your Jasper or Dubois space heaters should go the way of your old 8-track […]

Heating System Tune-up & Inspection in Montgomery & Evanston »

The change of seasons often stirs some emotion in people here in Montgomery, Evanston, and throughout Southern Indiana. Whether you’re happy to bid summer farewell, or reluctantly accepting the cooler temperatures and increasingly shorter days, one thing is for sure – fall has arrived. And winter will be hot – or cold – on its […]

Tankless Water Heaters for Jasper and Dubois Homeowners »

We often live with and accept our homes’ little nuances because we realize what, if anything, we can do about them.  Like that back bedroom that never seems to get warm enough. Or that creaky floor board in the hall, or the water heater that never seems to keep up with your family’s hot water […]

Keys to Buying a Replacement Furnace in Jasper, Lamar or Odon »

How’s your Jasper furnace holding up these days? If it’s running smoothly, you want it keep it that way.  Which means that if you haven’t had yours professionally maintained within the past year, you should schedule a multi-point tune-up and inspection now.  It’s your best assurance of worry-free operation.  During the inspection, your qualified HVAC […]