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5 Common AC Repair Problems »

If you have an AC system that’s already showing signs of wear and tear – such as less effective cooling and rising utility costs – you might be wondering “what next?” If so, we applaud you for wanting that kind of information in advance. That way, you’ll have more time consider your options, especially when […]

How to Extend the Life of Your AC System »

When you buy something that you know won’t last forever, what’s the next best thing? Getting it to last as long as possible, of course. Well, your central air conditioning system falls neatly into that category. Even better, there are numerous ways to help it reach or surpass its average life expectancy of 12 – […]

How to Buy a New Air Conditioning System »

Is it time to replace your aging central air conditioning system or, perhaps, purchase one for the first time? Either way, you’re in for a whole new world of indoor comfort along with reduced humidity levels and the kind of energy savings that make a difference. Still, there’s a lot to think about before deciding […]

“Is it Time to Replace My Central AC System?” »

It’s tough to decide when to replace your central AC system, especially if it’s still working okay.  But here’s the thing:  what if it were to stop working altogether in the dead of summer.  Well, not only would you be inclined to replace it right away, but in the middle of summer, you’re going to […]

How to Reduce Your Home Cooling Costs. »

If you’re tired of cringing at the very sight of your electricity bill, even before you open it, it’s time to consider various ways to lower your costs.  Especially now in the middle of the summer cooling season. Here are several fresh and effective energy saving ideas just to get you started: Unplug any appliances […]

How Often Should I Clean or Replace My AC Filter? »

The safe and efficient operation of your air conditioning system depends on unrestricted air flow. And nothing can slow air flow down – or bring it to a grinding halt – like a dirty,clogged air conditioning filter. Same goes for your furnace, by the way. How often you need to clean or replace it depends […]

Heating & Cooling Companies in Huntingburg and Huntington »

In the heat or chill of the moment, many home owners are inclined to search for a home heating company if their furnace is faltering, or an air conditioning company if their AC system can’t provide adequate levels of indoor comfort. Our advice? No matter what the home heating or cooling need, always search for […]

Air Conditioning Inspection in Vincennes and Washington, IN »

Finally, great weather is here with lots more right behind it. Before you know it, you’ll have your AC system running at full blast to keep the heat outdoors, where it belongs. The problem is, AC systems need a little help to perform at their very best, just as any mechanical system does. And now’s […]

The Best Time to Buy a New AC System in Jasper & French Lick »

When it comes to making a purchase, everyone knows that a little research and planning can often save you money.  Sometimes lots of money. What’s more, every industry has its “best time to buy” – a time of year when existing inventory must go for seasonal reasons, to make room for new models, and so […]

Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance in Dubois and Orange Counties, IN »

Here at Messmer Mechanical, we’re always challenging our team of home comfort professionals to further develop their professional and interpersonal skills.  Then again, that’s why each of them was offered a career opportunity in the first place.  From day one, we looked for and saw that trait that indicates personal drive and motivation. That same […]