The Advantages of a Home Water Softener

Hot water conditions plague many homes and homeowners throughout Southern Indiana – perhaps even you.

They’re problems that can easily be solved, but not before identifying the clear warning signs that you have hard water flowing throughout your home. Here are several of the most common:   

  • White scale deposits inside pipes and faucets that can shorten their lifespan
  • Hazy film on glasses and dishware after running your dishwasher
  • Ugly reddish or brown stains on porcelain, like your toilet bowl
  • The constant need to clean up soap scum
  • Difficulty getting soap and hair products to lather, thus driving up your costs as you need to use more
  • Your clothes aren’t getting clean
  • Your family has skin irritation issues
  • Your appliances are wearing too quickly
  • “Funny” tastes and odors

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, look no further for a solution than Messmer Mechanical.

Water Treatment Options

If you’ve been living with hard water conditions, we make it easy and affordable to put those days behind you. That’s because we install high-quality water treatment systems that offer you optional features:

  • Water softening only – Excess mineral deposits filtered out of your water.
  • Water softening and filtration – Excess minerals removed along with pollutants like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chlorine, lead, and mercury that could be harmful to your health.

These are both whole-house solutions, so once your new system is installed, you’ll have higher quality water coming from every water source inside and outside your home.

If your biggest concern is the quality of your drinking water, then Messmer has two valuable solutions for you. For ease of installation and maximum affordability we can install a point-of-use water filter under your kitchen sink. It comes with its own water tank in a variety of sizes and connects to its own dedicated faucet, one we can match to or complement your existing faucets.

For people who want clean water for cooking, drinking, washing, and every other purpose, we also install, maintain whole-house water filters.

To learn more about your water softening and filtration options, contact Messmer Mechanical today for a free and no-obligation in-home consultation.

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