The Benefits of a Water Heater Performance & Safety Inspection.

When’s the best time to have your water heater inspected?  Any time at all – provided you have this service performed by a licensed and professional plumber.

Here are two very good reasons why: 

  • Over time, water heaters experience a build-up of sediment which, if left unchecked, will eventually hinder its performance. The unit also can develop cracks in the combustion chamber and elsewhere that not only can lessen its efficiency but shorten its lifespan.
  • A crack or leak in a gas water heater isn’t just a performance issue, it compromises your family’s safety. Gas and carbon monoxide leaks represent serious home safety and health risks. But with regular monitoring, these risks can be greatly minimized.

At Messmer Mechanical, our water heater performance and safety inspection includes numerous key steps, including these:

  • Check for water leaks. If your water heater develops a leak, it can lead to wasted water, expensive repairs and safety hazards in your home.
  • Drain and flush your tank. Over time, sediment and mineral deposits build up on the bottom of your system’s storage tank. By draining it, all of that sediment will be released to restore normal operating efficiency.
  • Test the temperature pressure relief valve. Your TP relief valve protects your unit from problems should the temperature or pressure inside your tank climb above acceptable levels.
  • Clean your burner assembly. When the burner assembly in your water heater gets dirty, it can reduce efficiency and cause damage.
  • Test your gas valve to help ensure your family’s safety.
  • Check for proper venting of combustion gasses. Without proper ventilation, the carbon monoxide that’s produced by your water heater can pose serious safety threats. During your water heater tune up, we’ll make sure there are no cracks in your ventilation pipes and that combustion gasses are properly carried out of your home.

To help keep your water heater operating as safely and efficiently as possible, contact Messmer Mechanical today to request our water heater performance and safety inspection. It’s one of the most family-friendly services we provide.

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