How to Buy a New Water Heater

Before 2015, it was fairly common practice to replace a gas water heater with a gas water heater, and electric for electric. Maybe you needed a smaller or larger tank size, but you were happy with what you had, and saw no reason to travel a different road.

Then in April 2015, everything changed. New federal energy conservation measures took effect that had a profound impact on water heater construction and design. And while the result was and continues to be good news for home owners, your choices are now both broader and more complicated than before.

That’s why Messmer Mechanical is offering its services to help you get exactly the new or replacement right water heater you need. Let’s say, for example, you now have an 80-gallon gas storage tank water heater. Those have been replaced by gas condensing water heaters, a more energy efficient version of earlier designs.

Condensing water heaters recapture and re-use the heat of the flue gases. That means less wasted energy and fewer gas emissions. To accomplish that dual feat, they need a larger heat exchanger than previous models, and that means they’re larger in size than traditional gas water heaters.

Do you have enough space to easily accommodate a larger storage tank water heater? If the answer is no, then you might want to take a closer look at a tankless water heater which, by definition, has no storage tank. Instead, the water is heated as you need it in a wall-mounted heat exchanger. With a right-sized tankless water heater, you’ll have all the hot water you need, even during periods of peak demand. Plus, you’ll enjoy added storage space once we remove your old storage tank system.

Yes, there’s a lot that’s new with today’s residential water heaters, and Messmer Mechanical is ready to help you weigh your options and make the best possible choice for your family and budget. To learn more and schedule a free new system proposal, contact is today.

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