Looking to Buy an Old House or Fixer-Upper? Talk to Us First.

When it comes to buying an old house or one in dire need of repair, there are pretty much just two kinds: real bargains or money pits.  The question is, how can you tell the difference before laying down you cash?

When it comes to the home’s plumbing, heating and cooling systems, and water quality, Messmer Mechanical can offer you all the advice and assistance you need. But even before you get that far, hiring a qualified inspector will help you determine if certain deal breakers are in place, such termite damage, the presence of radon inside the home, structural damage to the foundation, and rampant mold and mildew.  Other than those, most other issues should prove to manageable, provided the selling price plus the cost for renovations does not add up to an amount that exceeds the market value of the home.

At your request, we conduct our own thorough investigation of the plumbing, heating and cooling systems. No existing cooling system, no duct work, and no place to install the duct work?  No problem.  Because with the advent of ductless air systems, you can enjoy all the benefits of whole-house conditioned heat and air, no ducts needed.

Plumbing-wise, the first thing to consider is the condition of the home’s water and drain pipes.  If none have to be replaced, then we’re way ahead of the game.  After that, it comes down to one system and fixture at a time:  water heater probably being at the top of the list, then toilets, faucets, garbage disposal, and so on.

Ultimately, our first goal is to help you decide if the home is a good investment. If you find that is, even with all the renovations need, we’ll not only determine the plumbing and HVAC “must dos” and “can waits”, but price everything out and show you how to save money every way possible.

Contact us today for the assistance you need in making that older home work for you.

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