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Company History

From Our Family to Yours

At Messmer Mechanical, we have 40+ years of continuous service to our credit..  And we thank youMessmer Mechanical - Company History for every day of it.

We were founded in 1970 by Jerry and Linda Messmer under the name of Messmer Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning. Jerry grew up in the industry and was well-known throughout the county as one of its top technicians. 

But he had more than a reputation to uphold.  He had a dream he worked hard to make a reality:  to succeed as a business staffed with people of exceptional skill and high integrity where no corners were cut; where pride and quality workmanship were to be the norm, not the exception.

From the day the company started in the little warehouse on 9th Street in
Jasper, adherence to Jerry's vision helped him rapidly grow his business.  New employees were hired to meet the increasing demand, and three years later (1973) we moved into our current location on 3rd Avenue in Jasper.

Ed Messmer joined the company full time in 1983
.  The family business continued to grow as it expanded its services into utility and military construction.  The name of the company was changed in 1987 to Messmer Mechanical, and Ed was named president.  By 1989, the company had grown to more than 25 employees when Mark Messmer came aboard and added a new dimension in commercial construction with his engineering background.  Later, in 1992, Roger Messmer joined the company to help perpetuate the family legacy of first-class service.Messmer Mechanical - Truck

In 1998, Messmer Mechanical joined an organization now called The Nexstar Network.  It's an international "best practices" association of plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical contractors.  Through the world-class training and education Nexstar makes available to its member companies, we have become the top Service Company in the area…not because we say so; because you do. 

Three employees in 1970.  More than 50 now in 2009.  And generations of hard work, training, and experience in between.  With a clientele that includes local families, medical and health care facilities, nursing homes, church and religious institutions, military facilities, school corporations, retail businesses, restaurants, factories, and more.

That's our story.  One we're very proud to share with you, our valued customer.

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