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Clogged Sewer Jasper | Clogged Drain Jasper

At Messmer Mechanical, We Help Turn “Yuck” Into “Ah”…Faster & More Completely Than Ever.

Problems with your sewer or drain lines are right up there among the top three reasons why people call a professional plumber (toilet and water heater issues are the others.)

Today, like always, Messmer Mechanical is up to the challenge.  Our family-owned and operated business has the most sophisticated tools and training to tackle any size problem, not matter how complex or entrenched it might be.

In addition to conventional drain cleaning services, we provide:

  • In-line video inspection to identify the exact location of any sewer or drain line clog.

  • High pressure water jetting for the really tough clogs.

  • Pipe repair and replacement…when replacement is called for, we employ PVC piping that blocks root invasion.   

  • Root-X, liquid drain additive that effectively kills existing tree and shrub roots without harming the plants themselves.  A regular dose of Root-X also helps to prevent future root invasion.

  • Bio-Clean, a liquid drain cleaning product that outperforms “supermarket” varieties.

Both Root-X and Bio-Clean are organic and chemical free…which means they won’t corrode your metal pipes or cause any harm to the environment.  You can purchase both great liquid drain products from Messmer Mechanical:  call to order you supply today at 818-482-6766.

Need Professional Assistance Now?

For an immediate response to any plumbing or sewer/drain line problem, call the professionals Messmer Mechanical.  And remember, we’re available 24/7 for plumbing emergencies.

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